I will introduce a popular kimono rental shop at Izumo Grand Shrine

Do you want to wear kimono?
But do you give up if you don’t have it?
I’d like to introduce a store that is easy to rent and convenient for the Izumo Grand Shrine.

The name of the store is 「Goen style」(edge style)

The Rental fee is about three thousand Japanese yen.
It is about 3 minutes on foot to Izumo Taisha.
It is a very close distance.


It is a chance to wear kimono happily.
For you
I will explain the procedure of kimono rental from now.

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Kimono selection

The shop takes off his shoes and goes up.
You go to the store and pick ①or②or③of Plan.

①Plan to be chosen by the staff
JPY 3,132 (consumption tax included)

②Plan you choose
JPY 4,104 (consumption tax included)

③Fashionable plan
JPY 5,184 (consumption tax included)

You choose the color or pattern you like from a selection of kimonos.

The kind of kimono varies depending on the season.
There are about 200 garments of women and men’s clothes.
The staff will kindly teach you.


Choose your favorite kimono.

You can consult the staff of the store.

It’s warm in winter.
It’s cool in summer.
It’s comfortable in the room.


※It is fun picking a kimono.

Dressing and hair setting

Once your favorite kimono is decided, you will be guided to the second floor.
You put on a kimono on the second floor.

Men cannot enter when women change clothes.

You don’t have to do anything.
All female staff will do it.
The staff is good.

Underwear is OK wearing.
Take off your socks and attach the Japanese socks “TABI”.




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The staff is a hairdresser.
She will make your favorite hairstyle.
Let’s talk to the staff.
There are many hair accessories on the side of the mirror.

※Hair set fee
JPY 1,080 (consumption tax included)





※Landscapes and hair sets wearing kimonos1

※Landscapes and hair sets wearing kimonos2

Women transform.
Two people are very cute.



When I wear a kimono, I will go to the first floor.

Be careful when you get off the stairs.


Choose a jacket and a bag

Until completion is a little more.
You choose a jacket according to the color or pattern of the kimono.
Let’s choose your favorite jacket.
Please consult the staff.

※You don’t need a jacket in the warm season.

There are many different designs of bags.



※It is a video to choose a jacket and a bag.

It is completion of kimono beautiful woman

It’s very cute!



That’s lovely.


It’s cute MAX!

Selection of Japanese sandals

Zo-ri(Japanese sandals) is the shoes you wear when you wear kimono.
You can choose what you like.


Let’s fit the size of your feet.
Let’s consult with the staff to determine the sandals that match your feet.



It was snowing on this day.
Staff put a cover to prevent the feet from getting wet.
With this, you will not slip on the snow road.
The staff is very kind!


Here we go! Let’s go out

Outside is a beautiful snow scene.
They have a purple umbrella in Japan and leave for Izumo Taisha.


The kimono is beautiful even in snow.
Their smile is the best!


Hope you’ll have a good time.

Any season will be a wonderful memories.
Let’s wear kimonos and make memories of the trip.

出雲大社へ 雪の中

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A message from the president of the store

President Ishibashi of popular rental shop (Goen style)

President Hironori Ishibashi


He’s a very kind, nice man.

What is the reason for starting the store?

My parents’ home is a kimono store.
Many people like kimono.
But many people don’t buy it.
I can’t wear it myself.
It is hard to take care of it.

I can solve the problem if I rent it.
If it is convenient, I will use it.

Most of the customers are tourists.
I think we can help.
I want you to make a wonderful memory in Japan.

Can foreigners come to the store?

Of course it is OK.
We are looking forward to seeing you again.
But there is no big size.

What kind of customers are coming?

It is used for anniversary with my family and my friends.
It is used for New year’s photos.
Kimono suits the Izumo Grand Shrine.

How many years have passed since it opened?

It has been three years.

It’s a very nice rental shop.
Please make it full of women with beautiful kimono.
Thank you.

Staff introduction

Mrs. Kazue Abe of stylist.


She’s kind.
Her work is very quick.
The kimono will be worn soon.

Izumo Taisha is a city where kimono matches」She said.
Mr. Abe’s dressing makes you happy.

Thank you.

Mrs. Amiko Takami of hairdresser


Her smile is wonderful.
She is a professional hairdresser.
You can consult about hairstyle.
Thank you.

There are a lot of hair accessories.
Original earrings are selling well.
You can be happy feelings.


Special information

You can get valuable information at this rental store.

This booklet.

Izumoji route karan koron


Only people wearing kimonos can receive service.↓


There are twenty six shops in Matsue.
There are twenty three shops in Izumi.
There are fifty nine shops in total.

You can receive the service at all shops.
A map is also posted.
It is a shop that will help you when you are having trouble with kimonos.
You will be very relieved.

You can enjoy your kimono without hesitation.

My feeling

I liked kimono from the beginning.
I interviewed and liked it more.
Kimono is wonderful.

It’s nice to wear kimono as a memory of the trip.
Please experience it in Japan.
You will become your favorite kimono.

Please go with your friends, family and boyfriend.

Kimono is Japanese national costume.
I’m sure it will be a wonderful memory.

They are foreign students from Finland.
She goes to a party, so I borrow a kimono.
so cute.↓

Phone number of the shop is here

The name of the store is 「Goen style」(edge style)

Please come to Izumo Taisha.
You will feel very happy.
Thank you for reading my article.
See you again.


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